Deanne Dalrymple
Business Division
Modesto Junior College (email is my preferred contact method)

Teaching Schedule

CMPGR 263 (syllabus)
Internet Literacy (3 units)
Online Course
Spring 2019

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Catalog Description:
Provides the conceptual background and the online skills needed to become Internet literate. Covers internet services: e-mail, listserv, newsgroups, FTP, telenet and the World Wide Web (WWW). Emphasis will be placed on the WWW, types of access (ISP), usage, software (browsers and other support software) and internet etiquette in a global environment. Introduction to publishing and multimedia. Usage of search engines to conduct research and copyright issues and bibliographic style. Reflects on the impact of emerging technologies on the future of commerce and communications as well as societal issues. Transfer: CSU.

Recommended for Success: Satisfactory completion of any introductory computer class.